Kim McGregor Dr. Kim McGregor

BA; MEd (Hons.); PhD (Psychology)



Kim McGregor has worked as a therapist with survivors of sexual violence for almost 30 years.  She sees men and women for short and longer term counselling, and has a special interest in the effects of trauma and sexual abuse.

She is the author of the first set of ACC national guidelines for therapists working with child sexual abuse (2001) and two self-help books for adult survivors of child sexual abuse ‘Warriors of Truth’ (1994) and ‘Surviving and Moving On’ (2008).

Her PhD focused on effective therapy for survivors of child sexual abuse. Her post-doctoral research focused on the physical health effects of child sexual abuse and how health professionals may best respond.

She was a founding and executive member of Te Ohaakii a Hine – National Network Ending Sexual Violence Together and Chair of the Tauiwi Caucus. She was a member of the Task Force for Action on Sexual Violence (2007-2009).

She was a founding and executive member of Project Restore (a restorative justice programme specifically developed to deal with cases of sexual violence), and for over 10 years she was the Executive Director of Rape Prevention Education, Whakatu Mauri (2005-2015).

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