Dr Leon TanDr. Leon Tan

PhD; MHSc (Hons.); BA (Psychology).

Registered Psychotherapist





Leon is a psychotherapist with over 15 years of experience in mental health agencies and private practice. He helps men and women, children and young adults, couples and families through experiences of depression, anxiety, trauma, phobia, addiction, separation and grief.

Trained in a variety of approaches and informed by the latest mental health and neuro-scientific research, Leon provides short term solution-focussed counselling and psychological treatment as well as long term psychotherapy.

Leon is also a consultant and educator who has worked for institutions in Sweden, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand. He previously taught Psychology and Psychotherapy at AUT and Art History at the University of Auckland. Currently, he also works as an academic leader of postgraduate education at Unitec Institute of Technology.

Leon is available by appointment.

Fees for all appointments are $160.00 inc.GST

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Phone: 021 371 525


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