Psychotherapy and Counselling in Auckland City at the Robert Street Clinic


When people are facing psychological issues or are in the midst of a crisis, the last thing they want to do is having to repeat their story and wander from practice to practice in search of the clinician who can help them.

Directors Kyle MacDonald and Rob Kelly had a vision of creating a high quality, private therapy service to enable people to access skilled, experienced mental health care and general counselling, and they founded the Robert Street Clinic, attracting other professionals who shared their ethos.

The clinic brings together a wide range of highly experienced practitioners, including psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, in a safe and non-judgemental environment. Our combined expertise enables us to treat a number of life problems and diagnoses, with specialism in eating disorders, addictions, couple and relationships counselling, depression, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) and anxiety.

Our team is trained and experienced in helping people through individual and family therapy, and can also help with an array of so-called “general” mental health issues such as family and child counselling, behaviour change, trauma and childhood abuse.

Whatever you need help with, short-term, long term, talking therapies, medical treatment, or a more comprehensive programme combining several disciplines, we can guarantee that our clinicians have the right skills and that you won’t need to go anywhere else.

The Robert Street Clinic is a “one-stop shop” for all your counselling, therapy and psychiatric medicine needs.

“We wanted to create the kind of service we would want to go to; a comfortable environment, with professional experienced clinicians.  I’m excited to say we have achieved that.”  Kyle MacDonald

Seeking psychological treatment for yourself is a courageous and daunting step, and so is doing it on behalf of your loved ones. In both cases, it requires acknowledging that there is a problem, that you will have to make it public and allow yourself to be vulnerable, and that you may have to face unpleasant truths at some point.

Our philosophy is one of empathy and dialogue. Whatever issue you are struggling with, you can be assured that you will be met with respect and that none of your concerns are unimportant to us. Although talking to a relative stranger can seem odd, it is sometimes easier than with people you are close to.

If you are facing a specific crisis, struggling with addiction, are having family or relationship issues, and are looking for counselling in Auckland, get in touch with the Robert Street Clinic or call us on 09 973 5950 today. We will be glad to discuss your situation with you and recommend the professional and treatment plan best suited to help you in your recovery.