AddictionsOne of the most frustrating things for families is when someone has a serious problem with their drinking, they’re the last one to know about it.  It’s really common for the wife, husband, parent or child of the person with the alcohol or drug to be the one looking for help because of the effects of their loved one’s problem on them.

Here at the Robert Street Clinic we understand that.  Sometimes the only way to get the process started is for the “significant other” to attend to just talk about some strategies to help the person understand that their addictive behavior is out of control.  It’s a bit of a tired cliche, but it’s true that most addictions involve a degree of denial.  And this denial can really silence families, as everyone knows about the problem, but no one talks about it.  In this sense the best thing to do is to start to think about how to talk about it.

All our addictions specialists are trained in how to help couples and families come to terms with these kind of struggles.  And even if you never get the person with the problem in the room, it may help you to think about what to do next.  Get in contact with us to find out how we can help.