Addictions Treatment in Auckland at the Robert Street Clinic


Located in Ellerslie, Auckland, we are a high-quality private clinic offering counselling in a non-judgmental, relaxed and safe environment.

Alcohol and drug addictions are accompanied by chemical dependence, but treating the physical symptoms only would be a failure to recognise that addictions often have underlying psychological causes that require as much attention for a meaningful and long-lasting recovery.

The Robert Street Clinic is the premier outpatient treatment service for addiction counselling in Auckland, New Zealand. We are a collective of experienced professionals specialised in drug and alcohol counselling, and our team includes psychiatrists who can prescribe medical treatment if required, counsellors, psychotherapists and psychologists. Thanks to the range of services we are able to offer in one location, you can rest assured that we can manage all aspects of your treatment and can develop a unique plan based on your needs and your history.


Addiction Counselling in Auckland Tailored to Your Situation

Whatever your addiction is, our experienced team can help you, be it with alcohol, synthetic cannabis, drugs, sex or gambling dependency.

Even if you are fully committed to leave it all behind you, resisting temptation on a daily basis may prove much harder than you expected, and our specialist clinicians will help you to understand the root of your addiction and why it is so hard to quit, what you can realistically expect during your recovery, what your triggers are and how to manage them and put in place coping mechanisms and strategies to maintain your addiction-free life in the long term.

While addiction treatment usually requires individual therapy sessions with the recovering addict, it is also true that the effects of addiction are rarely limited to the addicts themselves and loved ones’ lives are often as affected by the change in the individual’s behaviour.

Addicts with a strong, supportive network have a better chance at recovery, but relationships may have been damaged, or may need some professional guidance in the transitional phase when patients get better and re-discover themselves, and this is why we also offer counselling to families of addicts. Whether you need addiction counselling as a couple or family treatment, we can help.


Concerned about a family member?

The nature of addiction is such that addicts can be in denial for a long time before they admit to themselves that they have a problem and need help. In the meanwhile, parents, spouses, relatives and friends have to watch helplessly as their loved ones change, their health deteriorates, their relationships suffer and they drift away from them.

If your parent, wife, husband or child has a problem but isn’t ready to get help, talk to us. Often, an initial family assessment, whether that includes the person struggling with addiction or not, can help families come to terms with their feelings and plan how to best help their loved one.

If you are looking for drug and alcohol counselling in Auckland click here to see more about our specialised team, contact us or call us on 09 973 5950 to discuss your needs and how we can help you.