Heroin, ecstasy, cocaine… We all know that they are powerful, dangerous, illegal drugs. Yet, even with this knowledge, one of the main obstacles to recovery that addicts face is admitting that they have a problem.

With this in mind, it is easy to see how it can be even more of a challenge when the substance abused is a medical drug prescribed by a doctor to cure a very real illness at one point or another. An increasing problem, the cloak of perceived legitimacy surrounding the addiction makes it even less identifiable by the addict as an issue. After all, if they are legal, tested drugs, aren’t they, by nature, safe to use and is there really a problem?

They are safe, as long as you use them to treat the condition they were designed for, but in any other scenario, their short-term and long-term side effects can be as damaging to your health as any other illegal drug – low blood pressure, difficulty breathing, heart problems, memory loss, paranoia, etc… – and they can cause overdose as surely as hard drugs.

While people of all age and backgrounds can be affected, members of the medical profession can be at a higher risk of suffering from self-medication issues. Many jobs come with high levels of stress, fatigue or work-related chronic pain which can lead to substance abuse, but, in their case, access to their poison of choice can facilitate their addiction and make it easier to sustain it discreetly… and harder to stay away from.

Most people will take painkillers at some point in their lives, or other medication with a potential for addiction, and it doesn’t mean that they are addicts. But if you feel anxious at the thought of running out of those drugs, if you are still taking them without a real medical need, or take more than your condition requires, and if you exaggerate your symptoms or lie about them in order to keep getting them, it is time to seek help.


Self-Medication Addictions Treatment in Auckland

When it comes to substance-based addictions, the emphasis can sometimes be too great on overcoming the chemical dependence to the detriment of addressing the underlying causes. At the Robert Street Clinic, we believe in a dual approach and in treating the psychological issues that drove an individual to seek comfort in drugs as much as the physical addiction.

Our staff counts experienced professionals in all fields of mental health: psychiatrists, psychotherapists and psychologists, and our wide range of skills under one roof allows us to develop bespoke treatments based on a patient’s needs.

Whether you require medical treatment as part of your addiction; individual, couple or family therapy, our expert clinicians are here to help you and your family in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

If you are looking for drug counselling in Auckland for yourself or are concerned about a loved one, contact us or call us on 09 973 5950 to discuss your situation and what the Robert Street Clinic can offer you.