Are you worried about your drinking?


Why should I quit? Having some concerns about your drinking doesn’t mean you’re an alcoholic.

It can often be hard to know whether our drinking is a problem because often we’re surrounded by people who are drinking in the same way as us.

If you have any concerns about your drinking, it may help to think about the following questions:

Am I drinking too much alcohol? YES, if you are:

  • A woman who has more than seven drinks* per week or more than three drinks per occasion
  • A man who has more than 14 drinks* per week or more than four drinks per occasion
    (*One drink = one 330ml can of beer; one 100ml glass of wine or one 30ml nip of spirits.)

Is my drinking a habit? YES, if you drink regularly to:

  • Relax, relieve anxiety or go to sleep
  • Be more comfortable in social situations
  • Avoid thinking about sad or unpleasant things
  • Socialise with other regular drinkers

Is my drinking a problem? YES, if you:

  • Can’t stop drinking once you start
  • Have tried to stop drinking for a week or so but only quit for a few days
  • Fail to do what you should at work or at home because of drinking
  • Feel guilty after drinking
  • Find other people make comments to you about your drinking
  • Have a drink in the morning to get yourself going after drinking heavily the night before
  • Can’t remember what happened while you were drinking
  • Have hurt yourself or someone else as a result of your drinking

Getting Help

If you have any concerns about your alcohol use, or feel like you can’t quit, it helps to talk to a professional trained in this area. They can help you decide if your use is a problem, and make some practical plans to start changing your usage so you feel more in control.

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