Cannabis Addiction Counselling in Auckland

Cannabis addictionCannabis or marijuana is a very commonly used drug in New Zealand, how can it possibly be harmful? Well the fact is some people can develop a dependency and substance dependency never has a positive influence on someone’s life.

Cannabis may seem like a bit of fun, but like any drugs, it will affect your health significantly. Insomnia, sore eyes, dry mouth, elevated heart rate and respiratory problems are some of the most common physical symptoms. In terms of mental health, cannabis will alter your cognitive reasoning and your ability to concentrate while it has been associated with anxiety, depression, confusion and lack of empathy and emotions.

Cannabis use has a particularly devastating effect on adolescents’ brain which is still developing, and it has been linked to higher risks of psychosis and schizophrenia later in life. It is also a “gateway” drug, paving the way for further addiction to hard drugs.

Cannabis addiction is not often perceived as a problem by the substance users, and statistics show that a great number of them don’t actually consider stopping or seeking treatment. For those who have tried on their own, again under the misconception that cannabis isn’t really a drug and it would be straightforward, relapses within a year, if not sooner, are common.

Cannabis addition is as serious as any other addiction, and without the support of professionals, the likelihood of being able to control this compulsion in the long run is minimal.

Why the Robert Street Clinic?

If you are looking for addiction counselling agencies in Auckland, then look no further than the Robert Street Clinic.

Our multi-skills team includes clinicians specialised in addiction treatment in Auckland. Should a supervised detoxification be required, or should you struggle with withdrawal symptoms, our psychiatrists are in a position to prescribe the appropriate medication and treatment.

But treating the physical addiction isn’t enough. Unlike other clinics, we have a whole team of professionals from various disciplines at your service, psychotherapists and psychologists, and we can offer short-term and long-term psychological support to give you the tools, not only to understand your triggers and control them better, but also to develop long-term strategies to avoid relapsing.

Our comprehensive and bespoke treatments are tailored specifically to a patient’s psychological background and history of dependence. We offer a safe and non-judgmental environment, and thanks to our range of addiction experts all under one roof, you won’t need to go anywhere else or wait to be referred to a specialist.

If you are looking for cannabis addiction counselling in Auckland, contact us or call us on 09 973 5950 for professional and obligation-free advice.