Admitting that you have an addiction problem and need help; deciding to quit are life-changing decisions. As motivated and determined as you may be, it is important to also recognise that addiction is a mental issue as much as a physical dependence, and this is the reason why it is so difficult to stay clean on the long term: people tend to see the substance addiction as the main hurdle and underestimate the power of the underlying psychological pattern.

In addition to the physical pain you may experience as your body cleanse itself, you will have to find a new balance in your life and within yourself without the “prop” that your addiction provided you with, which is as much of a challenge.

You may have to re-evaluate your friendships, as some fall by the wayside as the real You comes back to life, as well as having to resist old “partners in crime” trying to draw you back in, and face the fact that you may have damaged other relationships, sometimes irrevocably, during your addiction.

In the cold daylight of your new life, dealing with the issues that potentially led you to addiction will also be a necessary step to avoid relapses, and you may have to come to terms with painful past experiences or uncomfortable truths about yourself. If you have tried to quit before but without success, you may also feel that there is no light at the end of the tunnel – but there is.

No wonder, then, that it should be so difficult to quit: you may have no doubt that it is the right thing to do – and you are right – and that it will give you your life back at some point, but in the meanwhile, it means exchanging something that makes you feel good for withdrawal symptoms, battling temptation probably for the rest of your life, reassessing your relationships and facing the personal issues that drew you to addiction. It is a bitter pill to swallow!


Affordable Counselling in Auckland at the Robert Street Clinic

It you are looking for counselling services in East Auckland to support you, or someone you know, through this challenging time, contact the Robert Street Clinic.

Thanks to the comprehensive range of services we can offer in our clinic, from psychiatrists to psychotherapists and psychologists, we can provide all the help you need in one place, be it medical treatment to alleviate withdrawal symptoms or intensive short-term and long-term psychological support.

We are specialists in addiction counselling in Auckland and devise treatment plans specifically for each patient to suit their psychological background and dependence history, in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

If you, or someone you know, are struggling with quitting and have already had unsuccessful attempts at staying clean on the long term, don’t give up without having contacted the Robert Street Clinic first or called us on 09 973 5950 to discuss how we can help you with addictions treatment.