Concerned about your use of pornography?

Sex addiction


People aren’t used to thinking about sex and sexual behaviour as an addiction, but an addiction is any behaviour that we feel like we can’t control, and has negative consequences on our life.

If you’re not sure if your use of pornography is a problem the following questions might help:


  • Do you ever find yourself spending more time viewing pornography than you intended to?
  • Are you spending less time with family and friends than you used to because of time with pornography?
  • Has your job performance suffered as a result of porn use?
  • Has your use of pornography caused problems with your spouse or romantic partner?
  • Do you sometimes prefer masturbation with pornography over sex with your spouse or significant other?
  • Do you ever wake up tired because of late-night use of pornography?
  • Do you keep your porn use secret from others, sometimes lying to cover it up?
  • Do you sometimes fantasize about people you’ve seen in pornography while having real sex with a partner?
  • Do you seek sexual images that are more graphic, hard-core or “forbidden” than you once did?
  • Have you ever promised yourself that you would stop viewing pornography, then broken that resolution?
  • Do you ever get upset at yourself for the time and resources you spend on pornography?
  • Have you lost the ability to find sufficient excitement in pornography and gone beyond that to seek others for sexual chat or illicit sexual encounters?
  • Do you feel guilty or ashamed after viewing pornography or other sexual activity?
  • Do you worry that your pornography use is getting out of control?
  • Have others said that you have a problem with pornography?
  • Do you find yourself looking forward to porn use as a “reward” or “escape” from the stresses of everyday life?

All our addictions specialists are trained in all aspects of addiction and are able to help you decide if your sexual behaviour is a problem and assist you to make plans to change.

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