Synthetic cannabisSynthetic cannabis is a man-made product which acts like the active substance of natural cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC. Although it is artificial, synthetic weed has the same effects as natural marijuana, such as giving users a feeling of euphoria and disconnection from reality for example.

Synthetic cannabinoids are usually sold in smoking mixtures, where dried herbal matter is combined with synthetic weed, and common brands in New Zealand include Kronic, Spice and K2. Although those products were originally developed as a legal alternative to cannabis, they are now all illegal.

Like its natural counterpart, synthetic cannabis will make its user high, with an accompanying feeling of happiness and relaxation, although it can make some people drowsy. Concentration will be affected, as well as fine motor skills, judgment and perception of reality.

However, synthetic cannabis also comes with all the less entertaining effects of the drug and some people will experience panic attacks, elevated heart rate and excessive sweating, paranoia and forgetfulness, sometimes even after the peak of the drug’s effect is over, and, after prolonged use, they can develop synthetic marijuana addiction as surely as with the natural substance.

Because this product is so new and there is no historical data or studies to rely on, the real long-term effects are unknown. Like with any drug, what synthetic cannabis is mixed with can turn it into quite a different animal, much more powerful and harmful, and the fact is that you never really know what it is you are buying, and how potent the mixture you are smoking is.

Generally speaking, the information currently available suggests that synthetic weed is stronger than typical cannabis and that addiction develops at lower thresholds. It is also suspected that using products containing synthetic cannabinoids may increase the risk of developing very serious psychotic disorders such as paranoia and schizophrenia.

How can the Robert Street Clinic help you?

The Robert Street Clinic is a treatment clinic in Auckland with expertise in addiction. A co-operative of specialist practitioners, our team includes highly skilled psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists.

Not only are we able to support you through withdrawal symptoms and manage medical detox treatment, but we will also guide you to explore the root of your addiction, what might have caused you to start using, as well as develop healthy coping mechanisms to deal with it in the future and maintain an addiction-free life.

We are patient centric and we believe that there are as many treatment plans as there are individuals. We put together strategies that take into account your unique psychological background and the circumstances of your addiction in a safe and non-judgmental environment. As we have all the specialists you may need under one roof, you will have the peace of mind to know that you won’t be sent somewhere else to be treated.

If you are looking for synthetic cannabis addiction counselling, contact us or call us on 09 973 5950 for friendly and professional advice.