Why Anxiety Can Be a Real Pain

The stigma associated with anxiety is often summed up by the dismissive “it’s all in your head”.

But research in the past year from The Netherlands has confirmed a strong link between generalised anxiety disorder, social phobia, panic disorder and agoraphobia and experiences of pain – known as somatic symptoms.

The study of more than 2000 […]

Anxiety and stress, what’s the difference?

Despite our tendency to conflate the two terms in our everyday speech, there’s a gulf in how our body actually deals with anxiety and stress and how they are caused.

For example, we might well say that a looming deadline at work or the thought of having to visit your partner’s family for Christmas is […]

Panic attacks, what are they?

A panic attack is a combination of mental and physical symptoms which your body experiences as an overwhelming rush.

They can occur without warning and at any time although they are usually brought on by a stressful situation. Figures from the UK’s National Health Service reveal that at least one in 10 people experience occasional […]

Anxiety rates in NZ

She’ll be right, ay? Well, actually, no.

Regardless of how many adverts and pop culture references try to instill it in our everyday lives, more and more New Zealanders, if current research is to be believed, don’t subscribe to the old larrikin Kiwi ideology that it’ll all work out well in the end.

According to a […]

Mindfulness as good as therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) has been the main go-to for those seeking counselling or psychotherapy, but more and more, researchers are producing evidence that mindfulness techniques can also help.

In cases of depression or social anxiety, for example, therapy allows someone to assess their current situation, reconsider their situation in the light of that assessment, […]

Anxiety: the fear of fear

The most difficult thing for those seeking anxiety treatment is to be able to break out of what they often see as a downward spiral.

It is all very well being afraid of, say, spiders – but to worry about being afraid of spiders can lead to a constant anxiety about coming into contact with […]