Dr. Kim McGregor joining Robert Street Clinic


New Zealand’s leading advocate for survivors of sexual violence, Dr Kim McGregor QSO, is shifting her focus back to private practice by joining the team at Auckland’s Robert Street Clinic.

Dr McGregor, who last year was made a Companion of the Queen’s Service Order […]

How play therapy can help children

However hard it is to get adults to “talk out” their feelings, it’s far more difficult to do the same thing with children.

Youngsters may not have developed any language skills let alone an adequate vocabulary before they are exposed to aspects of the real world for which they and their families require help from […]

Interpersonal Effectiveness Skills

As human beings, we are wired to seek others and communicate, from the moment we are out of the womb. Unfortunately, this isn’t all smooth sailing, and life is full of misunderstandings, assumptions, and interpretations based on our background and past, all affecting the outcome of our interactions.

Dialectical Behaviour Therapy or DBT, a mindfulness-based […]

Distress Tolerance Skills

Distress tolerance skills are a core set of tools of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), used to treat a wide range of emotional dysregulation disorders, from Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) to difficulties in controlling moods and strong emotions.

More specifically, distress tolerance skills help you to bear intense feelings without resorting to destructive or self-destructive strategies. […]

Emotional Dysregulation and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)


Emotional dysregulation is characterised by a pattern of emotional instability which pervades all areas of an individual’s life, from behavioural to human interactions and self-image. People with this disorder tend to have intense and dramatic relationships as they oscillate between idealisation and devaluation of the object of their affection as well as dealing with […]

What to Expect From Your First Counselling Appointment

For many people, deciding to see a therapist is a major step in their lives, one they may not be completely comfortable with at first. Too often, common perception is that seeking psychological help means that there is something seriously “wrong” with you. Nothing could be further from the truth as, nowadays, it is […]