The mindfulness debate: Do our children really benefit?

In a recent article in the Irish Examiner, a debate on the topic of mindfulness training for children reinforced the overwhelming argument for its positive effects.

The negative argument relied on parents teaching their children to stand up for themselves and prepare for a tough life as “tomorrow’s teenagers”.

“They’ll need tools to cope and I’m […]

Exploring mindfulness: does it work and how is it delivered?

Mindfulness has exploded in the public consciousness over recent years ranging from its inclusion in New Zealand’s school curriculum to it becoming the driving force behind last year’s must-have Christmas present – the adult colouring in book.

Stress-beating colouring books (which use the principles behind mindfulness to market relief from anxiety and the rat-race) became […]

Mind that Child: How Mindfulness can provide a toolbox to a healthy child

We’ve discussed before on this blog how mindfulness can be as beneficial as therapy so it stands to reason that similar skills and techniques can help children as well as adults.

And since childhood is certainly not immune to the stresses and strains of living in New Zealand, it makes sense that teaching those skills […]

Self-compassion versus self-esteem

New Zealanders are constantly bombarded with the message that health, wealth and happiness are the cornerstones of our Kiwi ambition – and that to attain them, we must remain devoted to maintaining high self-esteem.

This is reflected in our worship of success – especially in sports – and in how we raise our children to […]