Why Do People Come to Counselling?

Despite information campaigns by governments throughout the world, mental health still remains somewhat of a shameful, taboo issue that people don’t discuss easily. Going to see a therapist, a psychiatrist or a psychologist must mean that you are one step away from needing to be institutionalised! Perhaps you are even dangerous!

However, nothing could be […]

Relapse and Maintenance

Once an individual has entered a life of addiction, quitting and turning a new page requires courage, commitment, and the support of professionals, be it that of a rehabilitation centre or counsellors and psychiatrists. Complete recovery can take months or years depending on the addict, and unfortunately, relapses are always a risk: an addict […]

Why Can’t I Quit?

The realisation that you have become an addict is a difficult one but it is also the essential first step to getting better.

Although some addicts manage to keep their life relatively together and function well, more often than not substance dependence will have cost them their family, their friends, their jobs and their health. […]

Addictions and families

One of the most frustrating things for families is when someone has a serious problem with their drinking, they’re the last one to know about it.  It’s really common for the wife, husband, parent or child of the person with the alcohol or drug to be the one looking for help because of the […]

Time is right to protest via social media sites

One of our team, Kyle MacDonald wrote a guest column in the Sunday Star Times on the 15th January.  Click here to see the original, and here for Kyle’s blog “Off the Couch.”

The past 12 months have been a great time for protesting. Internationally, Time magazine made The Protester its Person of 2011. And […]