Relationship Counselling

Do we need Relationship/ Marriage Counselling?

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Relationship counselling focusses on helping couples resolve problems they may be having in their relationship.

In the midst of conflict and emotionally charged situations we all need help to be able to resolve and discuss problems.  Relationship counselling with one of our qualified psychologists or psychotherapists can help.

It may be short term and problem focussed, or longer term if people’s childhood experiences appear to be contributing to their current diffculites.  It is sometimes also referred to as “marriage counselling.”

Mostly relationship counselling involves both partners seeing a psychotherapist or counsellor together, but may also require each person having sessions by themselves with the marriage counsellor. It may involve some relationship advice and education, but largely the focus will be on helping and facilitating communication.

If anger management, or domestic violence is an issue, it may be that the psychotherapist advises seeing one of the couple on their own until this problem can be resolved.  Click here for more about how couples counselling works.

Looking for Relationship Advice?

Seeing a counsellor together may help resolve problems with communication or may help with talking about issues that have become too upsetting or emotional to discuss on your own.  To read more about how marriage counselling can help click here.

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