Do you feel a strong emotional bond with your partner? If so, you should celebrate. If there’s one thing that marks a relationship that’s alive and vital, it’s the emotional connection.

If your connection isn’t what it once was, you shouldn’t be too concerned. It may well be the natural part of the evolution of any relationship. No one outside of a Hollywood movie can sustain white hot passion for years on end.

However if you feel the life has drained out of your relationship, you might be right to worry. But don’t lose hope. The fact that you show concern is a positive sign that you can work to regain that old spark that lit up your world.

If you feel the emotional connection with your partner is waning, you should consider couples counselling. Auckland therapists can provide the support and expertise you need to help sort out your issues, reconnect emotionally, and get your relationship back on track.

The Importance of Intimacy

The need for intimacy is a primal human condition. We all need closeness with someone, the security of knowing that a loved one is accessible emotionally. Connection whether between mother and child or between lovers is one of the most intense and elevating experiences a human can have. That’s why its loss is so devastating.

One enemy of emotional connection is the pace and demands of modern life. It’s very easy when preoccupied with work and other matters to neglect that which is most valuable to us.

It’s also easy to misread the signs. If you notice your partner becoming distant, you may worry he’s lost interest in you or that there’s someone new is his life. Such a breakdown of trust can push the relationship into a downward spiral.

Connecting emotionally is also the only real way to intimately understand and get to know your partner and gain that depth of closeness that’s the mark of an honest and healthy relationship.

Emotional openness is like baring your soul. It’s risky and makes you feel vulnerable. But the rewards are well worth it. it’s self perpetuating, increasing openness leads to a stronger connection

Some people find it easier to open up than others. For some it’s spontaneous, others need to be guided or cajoled. If you feel you need help in connecting, an experienced counsellor can help you .

The Path Back to Emotional Connection

You connected emotionally once; that means you can do it again. You just need a little help from a qualified therapist who has the detached empathy, training and experience to understand your situation and help your re-connect. It will a journey of discovery, and hopefully you will rediscover the spark that once drew you together.

A relationship without a solid emotional connection is a flat and hollow one. You’ll always feel there’s something missing. Don’t go through life like that when there are solutions. If you want to learn how to connect emotionally, try relationship counselling. Auckland experts are ready to help you.  Contact us now.