Exploring mindfulness: does it work and how is it delivered?

Mindfulness has exploded in the public consciousness over recent years ranging from its inclusion in New Zealand’s school curriculum to it becoming the driving force behind last year’s must-have Christmas present – the adult colouring in book.

Stress-beating colouring books (which use the principles behind mindfulness to market relief from anxiety and the rat-race) became […]

New research reveals links between mental illness and chronic physical conditions

When the Roman poet Juvenal wrote that mankind should wish only for “mens sana in corpore sano” (a healthy mind in a healthy body) rather than fame and fortune, he linked mental and physical wellbeing in a way which has become increasingly difficult to understand in our modern world.

After all, we might see a […]

Why pills aren’t the answer to mental health ills

Need that back pain to go away? Take a couple of these pills. Need help in the bedroom? Yes, there’s a simple little prescription for that too. Need your clothes whiter than white? You can even pop a tablet in your washing machine.

Our quick fix society combined with pharmaceutical companies’ drive for profits have […]

Why you don’t have to start couples therapy together

Romantic relationships tend to start in a blaze of passion and strong emotions, expectations and dreams.

But when – as sometimes happens – that initial honeymoon period turns into the realisation that both of you are living with a partner who displays the type of traits and emotions which you find hard to accept, it […]

White Ribbon Month

How to tackle violence and anger in New Zealand society

For all our beautiful landscapes and belief that we are a peaceful society, New Zealand remains an angry country.

And that’s why, every year, November 25 is celebrated as White Ribbon Day – the pinnacle of a month-long drive to raise awareness and provide a call-to-action […]

10 ways to avoid stress at Christmas

No sooner had the Halloween masks and fireworks disappeared from the shops, than storefront displays turned to Christmas.

Although the marketing is designed to reinforce the festive season’s fun, family-orientated side – how can anyone forget those lyrics “it’s the most won-der-ful time of the year” – all those expectations can lead to a highly […]

The Melbourne Cup: The addiction that stops two nations

In Australia and New Zealand, it’s hard to avoid the Melbourne Cup – the office sweepstakes, the media coverage and the long queues at the TAB.

And, sure, for many people, it’s simply a horse race which galvanises people in two nations into enjoying a sport which normally they wouldn’t care two hoots about.

But the […]

What’s the link between anxiety and bed-wetting?

It seems whenever we’ve talking about anxiety in this blog, we always have to talk about some form of spiral of cause-and-effect – and it’s much the same with children wetting the bed.

But, first things first, it’s important to remember that bed-wetting in children is commonplace (around 20{7e66f01e68c52d858b59d425bd8f3886b02d30322136bee7d8e459b39be00af4} of all five-year-olds and 10{7e66f01e68c52d858b59d425bd8f3886b02d30322136bee7d8e459b39be00af4} of […]

Dr. Kim McGregor joining Robert Street Clinic


New Zealand’s leading advocate for survivors of sexual violence, Dr Kim McGregor QSO, is shifting her focus back to private practice by joining the team at Auckland’s Robert Street Clinic.

Dr McGregor, who last year was made a Companion of the Queen’s Service Order […]

What is Agoraphobia?

The straight translation from ancient Greek is “fear of the marketplace” but agoraphobia has come to mean the fear of any uncontrolled situation whether it’s an open public space, busy thoroughfare or a confined method of transport such as a car or bus.

The effect of agoraphobia is crippling to the person who experiences it […]