Mind that Child: How Mindfulness can provide a toolbox to a healthy child

We’ve discussed before on this blog how mindfulness can be as beneficial as therapy so it stands to reason that similar skills and techniques can help children as well as adults.

And since childhood is certainly not immune to the stresses and strains of living in New Zealand, it makes sense that teaching those skills […]

Why drinking leads to rows with your partner

A regular feature in couples therapy is the topic of alcohol and how frequently it plays a part in confrontation and arguments.

At the very worst end of the spectrum alcohol has been found to be linked to violence in relationships in New Zealand (a 2007 survey examining the role of alcohol in intimate partner […]

How Family Therapy can help when a child is suffering mental illness

When a child suffers with mental illness – or starts to exhibit signs of a mental disorder – it’s important that the whole family knows how to respond.

New Zealand children and adolescents – according to the Mental Health Commission and the Youth 07 survey of secondary school students – are highly likely to confront […]

Why blackouts are no laughing matter

Hollywood may have built a money-making comedy franchise out of The Hangover – but the films’ key plot device is no laughing matter.

“Blacking out” after drinking alcohol is not the same as “passing out” because, although the brain isn’t recording what you’re doing, it’s still alert enough to keep letting you do it.

And, yes, […]

Can I be Anxious and Depressed at the same time?

Anxious and depressed? They are treated as two separate disorders but for many people they co-exist as two interweaving plots in the same story.

Looked at distinctly, they seem very different – depression is a highly individual response in which someone shuts down whereas anxiety is typified by panic and high-speed, repetitive emotional, physical and […]

School Avoidance: How to deal with Anxious Children

Tears and tantrums when you’re trying to pack your kids off to school in the morning can be a common issue facing most parents at some stage of raising children.

It can be a frustrating time for a parent – after all, the trouble is usually sandwiched into that narrow stretch of time between getting […]

13 ways to socialise without alcohol

Alcohol can quickly become a feature of all social situations – and our culture in New Zealand makes it tough to opt out when everyone else is sharing a bottle of pinot or enjoying an after-work beer.

But whether you’ve decided to break the habit of drinking every day or want to call time on […]

Sharing a drink: How alcohol can affect your relationship

The unavoidable truth of alcohol and relationships is that the two often walk hand-in-hand. Therapists find relationship problems are common along those who seek treatment for alcohol addiction and alcohol problems are common among couple who seek relationship therapy.

Clearly the negative effects of alcohol take a toll on not just the drinker, but also […]

How to talk to your moody teenager

Every parent has been a teenager – but it’s amazing how quickly we all forget those turbulent times when the shoe’s on the other foot.

So before you resort to yet another yelling match with the grumpy pile of hormones who’s locked themselves in their room for the umpteenth time this weekend, here’s a quick […]

Anxiety and avoidance – the mind’s chicken-and-egg syndrome

How familiar does this feel – you’re worried about having to front your workmates with a presentation, so you put its planning on the back-burner?

Trouble is, the more you procrastinate and try to ignore the impending meeting, the more anxious you become. You start waking in the middle of the night and you feel […]