Ashok Malur

Dr. Ashok Malur

Consultant Psychiatrist

Dr. Ashok Malur brings with him over 20 years of experience in psychiatry both overseas and in New Zealand. He has been working in New Zealand in the last 10 years as a consultant psychiatrist.

He has worked with a wide range of patients e.g. Autistic disorders, cognitively challenged patients, anxiety, depression, pregnancy related mental health issues, psychotic disorders and personality issues.

He strongly believes that there is potential for growth in every human being and this forms the cornerstone of his holistic approach to his practice of psychiatry.

He speaks a variety of Indian languages and is very comfortable working with people from different ethnicities the across the world.

Dr. Malur’s fees are as follows:

First appointment (1 hour): $400.00

For existing patients: $350.00 for 1 hour and $175.00 for 30 mins.
For phone prescription requests: $20.00

To contact Dr. Malur, or for an appointment please Contact us or


Call: 09 973 5950